Burgertory is a true success story, having established 18 branches in a mere three years. Our unwavering vision is to make it possible for you to walk down any street, effortlessly spot a Burgertory, grab a delicious burger with your mate, and share a good laugh about the sins you committed the night before.

As we grow, we wish to share the joy of bringing these memories to more customers with other entrepreneurs who dreamed of the day that they can own a thriving burger franchise, just like how this all began– a humble dream.

why burgertory?

Largest Burger Chain

The Journey has just began

We're continuously innovating and refining operations, expanding into new markets, and focusing on customer satisfaction. We want to solidify our position as the leading gourmet burger franchise in Australia and set the foundation for future success. With the right strategies and support, the possibilities are endless and the future looks incredibly bright.

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We provide you with the resources, training, and tools to effectively run your franchise location. The goal is to ensure franchisees have everything they need to succeed and provide a consistent, high-quality customer experience that aligns with the brand's values and standards.


a winning combination

Being a cost-effective burger franchise with good value is a winning combination for both franchisees and customers. By providing value to both franchisee and customers, the brand can stand out in a competitive marketing and attract a loyal customer base. Additionally, by keeping costs low, franchisees have more opportunities to invest in their business and take advantage of new growth opportunities, further strengthening the brand's position in the market.

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Founder / CEO, Hash Tayeh

The burgertory ethos can be traced back when hash moved from qatar at the age of 16 to australia

By telling his parents a "little white lie" that he was going on a holiday, Tayeh tricked them into believing he was returning home two weeks after.

However, in reality he had settled in Australia for good. The land of opportunity was starkly different to conservative Qatar and this inspired him to become the Australian Burger King.

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