Frequently Asked Questions

Is Burgertory Halal?

Yes, everything on our menu is halal. Our bacon is actually beef rashers from Medina in Brunswick.

Do you have vegan options?

Of course! Our most popular vegan burger is the Envy which is made with plant-based Beyond Meat.

Other vegan options are (Suriel burger, mushroom bites, and our vegan shakes). You can find all the vegan and vegetarian options on our menu here

All of our coloured buns are vegan.

Do you have gluten free options?

Yes, we can make any burger gluten free with our gluten free buns, and house-made vegan mayo for burgers that contain purity mayo.

While our gems are gluten free, they are cooked in the same oil as products that contain gluten.

As our kitchen contains a variety of ingredients including: gluten, nuts, eggs and dairy. Cross contamination is always possible and we cannot guarantee trace amounts will not be present.

If you have a serious allergy to gluten, we recommend to not eat any deep fried products.


What are the coloured buns made out of?

  • Black bun is infused with charcoal.
  • Green bun is made from spinach & kale.
  • Red bun is made with beetroot.

There is no food colouring in our coloured buns.

All coloured buns are vegan.

Is the food nut free?

While over 90% of our products are nut free, we do use peanut butter and Nutella on the premise and cross contamination can occur. If you are allergic to nuts, we strongly suggest that you DO NOT have a milkshake or any dessert items.